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Accelerated Freefall (AFF) get your "Novice" certification

The AFF program consists of seven levels and can be completed in seven jumps: providing that you have mastered the required skills on each jump. Upon graduation, you will know all the basic skydiving skills. This means you can make turns in freefall, do back and front loops, move horizontally and hook up with other jumpers, and steer your parachute to a stand-up landing in the target area. This will certify you worldwide as a novice skydiver and start to qualify you for your USPA A license.

On the first three AFF jumps you are accompanied by two jumpmasters who initially act as training wheels to help you stabilize in freefall, observe your progress, and correct errors in body position or technique. On the remaining four AFF jumps, one jumpmaster will accompany you. Prior to the first AFF jump, you will receive 6-8 hours of ground school, and prior to each subsequent jump, a 1 hour (briefing).

AFF jump prices include all required gear, instructors, and aircraft. We also have package deals available.

Upon graduation, you are no longer a student and the charge for each full altitude jump is only $24.00 per airplane ride.

We rent parachutes for jumpers who do not own gear. You can outfit yourself with new or used gear for $2500 to $5500. Skydive Phoenix Inc sells a complete line of equipment and will help you outfit yourself with the proper gear at discounted prices. Call us for current specials.

Accelerated Skydiving Program (ASP) get your "Solo" status

The ASP program is a state of the art training method used to help progress a student to solo status in a safe accelerated method. ASP combines the Tandem and Accelerated Freefall techniques. You will undergo the ASP program by first performing two tandem training skydives. On these jumps, you will get to "feel" the air without the typical inhibitions of a solo skydiving. This allows you to better handle the adrenaline overload that typically leads to a "deer in the headlights" syndrome. In addition, the initial tandems train you how to "pull", glide forward, and turn in freefall. In addition, you you will learn how to control and land the canopy. After the first two tandem training jumps, you can then follow the regular AFF course, at a discounted rate.

The Accelerated Skydive Program (ASP) is the preferred method and the most popular because it combines the tandem and Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Program. This program allows the student a more easily understood progression (your not trying to drink from a firehose). The initial 2 tandem jumps allows our istructors to give the student more in-air teaching time with less classroom time. It is much easier to learn by doing rather than trying to learn in a classroom. You actually get more jumps for less money by completing the Accelerated Skydiving Program (ASP).


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